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Tips & Strategies for Sensory Processing and Teethbrushing, SPD and Brushing teeth

Tips For Brushing Teeth With Sensory Processing Issues

Tips For Brushing Teeth With Sensory Processing Issues! Does your toddler refuse to brush their teeth? Do they gag, cry,  throw a tantrum or have other physical reactions to tooth brushing? My child went through ...
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making sensory calm down bottle with just water

Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottles! These DIY sensory bottles are super easy and fun to make.  Sensory bottles or calm down bottles are a wonderful useful calming tool for toddlers or children with sensory needs, anxiety, or those ...
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Whipped Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Whipped Cream Dyed Easter Eggs! So let me share this new super fun and creative way of dying Easter Eggs.  This is the same way of doing swirled eggs using shaving cream but if you ...
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