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Sensory Bottles With Sequins

Sensory Bottles With Sequins Making sensory bottles or calm down bottles for my daughter has been fun and a great parenting tool. Sensory bottles act as a “calm-down” aid by helping them re-focus their attention on ...
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Visual Morning Schedule

Visual Schedule

Visual Schedule! There are many benefits to using a visual schedule with your child.  Visual schedules or visual charts can be a powerful tool for keeping your child organized, staying focused, and reducing meltdowns.  You ...
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Tips & Strategies for Sensory Processing and Teethbrushing, SPD and Brushing teeth

Tips For Brushing Teeth With Sensory Processing Issues

Tips For Brushing Teeth With Sensory Processing Issues! Does your toddler refuse to brush their teeth? Do they gag, cry,  throw a tantrum or have other physical reactions to tooth brushing? My child went through ...
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