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baby essential medical kit, 9 essential items for your baby medical kit

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 Baby Medicine Kit!

Here are my top 9 Essential items for your Baby Medicine Kit! Outside of the obvious in needing a thermometer and band-aids.

When you become a parent it doesn’t take long to realize that Mary Poppins had the right idea with that bag of hers.  Poppins always had a solution in her bag! I am sure you already have an amazing “ready to go” diaper bag.  This is the same idea. But you need to also create your own “go to” medicine kit. When your baby is hurting, sick, or not feeling well you just want to have something/anything to make them feel better. So, I learned to stock up.  Below are some of my parenting tips for stocking your baby medicine kit.

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Essential items for your Baby Medicine Kit:

1. Pain/Fever Reliever –  Use for fevers and teething, never let your pain/fever reliever run low. The last thing you want is at 2:00 a.m. running to the nearest 24-hour drug store for infant Tylenol or Motrin.                                                                       baby medical kit, essentials products for your medical kit    For pain, I feel Motrin is the best. Stock up!

2. Cough Soother –For babies under one, there isn’t much you can do to help with their coughs or colds. However, once they turn one, a honey-based cough soother can help. I use Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s cough syrup.                                                      baby medical kit

I use it by syringe or spoon.

3. Little Remedies Gripe Water  newborn baby checklist, baby medical kit You may be saying to yourself really? This is on your baby medical list? Yes. Trust me! When your baby is crying/screaming in the middle of the night, you don’t want to have to run to your nearest 24-hour store to get…well anything. (Why is it always at 2:00 a.m.??) Seriously, you will want this Gripe stuff on hand. Newborns will get gas or they can have colic. So when they are screaming their little heads off (and they will scream) try using Little Remedies Gripe Water.  It will help!!

**Here is a tip on helping ease gas, take a swaddling blanket and put it in the microwave for about 20 -25 seconds.  It should be warm, not hot, and lay it on your baby’s stomach (over their clothes). The blanket will act as a heating pad and help soothe the cramps.  Read more about my tips for baby gas relief here!

4. Hyland’s Baby Teething tablets– (Local grocery story should carry) It is homeopathic and dissolves on their tongue. Really seems to help. Sofia would actually use baby sign language to ask for this. *edited 2.2.17

Recently due to the Hyland’s NIGHT TIME teething tablets containing the ingredient Belladonna, Hyland’s is/will be pulling both teething tablets from distribution.  I thankfully never used the night time teething tablets. I still think if you can find a homeopathic teething tablet, without Belladonna, to use it.  However, If you are still unsure, always ask your pediatrician or research the ingredients.

Especially when your baby is teething, I feel you will give anything a shot to make them more comfortable.  Frozen washcloths or frozen bananas never really worked. The teething amber necklaces, sort of put a ding in it.  Therefore, I used a combination of the homeopathic teething tablets (without Belladonna), baby Motrin( ask your doctor for dosage), and the baby nighttime Orajel, which worked wonders. *I did wait to use the Orajel until she was about 8 months old.

5. Fridababy NoseFrida  baby medical, must haves for baby medical kit Babies can’t blow their nose.  Therefore, you got to use something to suck the snot out. Yes, I know it looks funky, but this is a game changer.  Compared to those bulb plastic things, this actually works amazingly well.  In no time your baby will be able to breathe through their nose again. Also, because you can really get the gunk out, I believe it cuts down on the length of the cold.

6. Simply Saline Nasal Mistbaby medical kit, essentials for baby medical kit

This helps with a stuffy nose. So, I make using this nasal spray a game with Sofia. The game is: we both hold it and she thinks she is spraying it up her nose (she likes to have control) and then we spray mommy (pretend). Totally harmless as it is only saline spray and she laughs every time.  She says it tickles her. Hey, whatever works!

7. Baby nail clippersbaby medical, baby care, baby registry checklist  Babies fingernails are razor sharp and they grow freaky fast. You, for sure, will use these.

8. Vicks baby rubbaby medical kit, baby medicine items I can’t even remember how many times I have used this, especially at night time. Works great, put it on their chest, back of neck and tops of feet. *Please be advised that this product is meant for babies 3 months or older.

9. Benadryl cream or Hydrocortisone cream– I live on the west coast of Florida. Which means, there are lots of bugs! Ants, mosquitoes, gnat’s, etc.  At some point, your baby will get a bug bite and that bite can very easily get infected. As a result, when Sofia first got bit by a mosquito, her bites were so big they looked like welts and yes they got infected. Go ahead, try telling a 6-month-old not to scratch. Ha! But having this stuff on hand will quickly help ease the itching. In a pinch, you can also use calamine lotion.

These are my 9 essential baby medicine products I carry in my baby medical kit.  What are some of your medicine kit essentials? Please comment or share with other parents!

Thank you

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  1. Nicole Pharr (@pharr_away)

    YES! To all of the above. I have found myself running out to get things as I need them when I should have just stocked up on these essentials in advance.

  2. These are some great tips! I do not have kids of my own yet, but there are definitely things in here I want to make sure and remember for the future.

  3. Doris

    A baby medicine kit is so so important. Last weekend I was happy once again that I had my kit with me at the wellness trip. My girl got fever…

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