Baby Memory Box

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Baby Memory Box!

After giving birth, and before you leave the hospital, you will already have started an accumulation of newborn baby memorabilia.  I wish I had read about or thought of a shadow box prior to delivery because; I would have saved our Identification bracelets.

As a new mom, you will find anything associated with your baby’s entrance into the world will be a keepsake.  Your baby’s first photo, their information card, first foot print, their hospital hat all of these little first moments,  you will probably want to keep, but then where do you put it??  Randomly stuffed in a bag, book, or in a drawer?  NO!  You will want to show those newborn memories off, and retrieving them from some miscellaneous bin is not the way.  Creating a baby memory box is a great, inexpensive way to memorialize your baby’s first items.  It will become a beautiful display for all to appreciate and lovingly awe over your little ones keepsakes.

As you can see by the photo this is a very easy DIY project.

DIY for your baby's memories, Creating a baby memory box is a great, inexpensive way to memorialize your baby’s first items.














All you need is a Shadow Box, thumbtacks/pins, and your baby keepsakes.  You can get a shadow box from numerous places (Target, Walmart, Overstock).  I purchased mine from Amazon Prime, because I do most of my shopping online and I love the free 2 day shipping try Lawrence Frames Shadow Box Frame

The newborn keepsakes I used were:

  • sonogram pictures
  • her first photo (taken after she was spruced up)
  • her hospital information card
  • first hand-print and footprint
  • her hospital hat and hospital t-shirt
  • a cork from the bottle of wine we had to celebrate her arrival.  (The wine was a gift to us, and the bottle happened to be named Sofia.)

That’s how you create your DIY newborn baby memory box! What are some of your favorite keepsakes that you will add to your baby’s memory box? Please share with other parents!

If you enjoyed this DIY for your baby’s memories please check out another DIY post on saving your child’s artwork, and all those 1st cards you receive (shower, baptism, 1st birthday).

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