Babysitter Checklist

babysitter checklist

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Babysitter Checklist!

If you are a mom like me, you want to make sure whoever is watching your child that they have ALL the information they need.  I created a babysitter checklist that provides the essential information on one page.  I remember when I used to babysit; I either had the mom who gave me a novel to sift through, or the parent that just said “see you in a few hours”! I am somewhat more the mom that gives a novel…which drives my husband nuts.  So, instead of having random notes or something that looks like I am writing a short story, I created this checklist.

My babysitter checklist includes your standard contact and emergency contact info with a few other important tips.  Such as, bedtime routine, discipline, Wi-Fi passcode, etc. and best part it’s on ONE page!

Having this list provides everything a babysitter needs to know about your child’s routine, house rules and emergency information.  My babysitter checklist will help moms and dads be at ease when they leave, and also alleviate that feeling like you forgot to tell the sitter something (I hate that!).

babysitter checklist

Hope you find this helpful! Please comment and share.  What information do you have on your babysitter checklist?

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10 responses to “Babysitter Checklist

  1. This is great. I have sometimes forgotten to give the wi-fi password and I know that is probably annoying to the sitter. This would help me remember all the details.

  2. As a babysitter myself, I can’t tell you how invaluable it is to include the Wi-Fi password! Lol, jokes aside, it really helps us serve you the parent much better if we’re given all of this information. It makes us feel more confident in performing our job and being responsible for your children 🙂

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