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best places to register for baby, picking where to register for your baby much easier

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Best Places to Register for Baby!  Here you go soon to be moms! Everyone talks about what to register for your baby.  What the latest and greatest ultimate baby gear is (even me). You can check out my post for Ultimate Baby Registry list here!  However, hardly anyone talks about WHERE to register??  Personally, I think the 2 best places to register for baby are Target and Amazon.  I wish I knew what Amazon had to offer when I was pregnant.  I didn’t even sign up for Prime until my baby was 3 months old. Yup, newbie mistake!  I was trying to figure out how other moms juggled it all and Prime became the answer.  Live and learn.  Not an Amazon Prime member? Visit to join.  It truly makes a difference from saving money to overall convenience.

Best Places to Register for Baby:

Target and Amazon.  I registered at Target and Babies “R” Us when I was pregnant.  My reason for no longer endorsing Babies “R” Us, is mainly because they had to close almost 180 stores. The one near me was one of them. Total let down!  As a result, I learned having at least one store (Target) to be not online is important.  Why??  You will need/want a store, not just to set up your nursery, but somewhere you will continue to shop for your baby AFTER baby has arrived.  Target and Amazon are not going anywhere. They are very stable companies! Here is the breakdown.

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The perks with registering at Target are:

  • They give you a welcome gift bag with lots of useful goodies (register in person).
  • You can manage your register online at  24/7.
  • Eight weeks prior to the big day, get a 15% discount on anything left on your registry. (Restrictions apply).
  • Easy returns! You have up to one year after your event date to return or exchange items from your registry.  Some people get you items NOT on your registry. If Aunt Susie gets you a diaper bag that was not on your registry and you actually like it better than the one you did register for (that your B.F.F. bought you) Guess what, you can return it and buy diapers instead.  Stuff like this does happen!

 Amazon’s Baby Registry:

best places to register for baby, amazon registry, baby registry



The perks for registering with Amazon:

  • You can add items from Earth’s biggest selection, get free 90-day returns on most items, and manage your registry on any device 24/7.  Still not an Amazon Prime member? Visit to join.
  • Universal Registry- Which means you can save products from any website to your Registries or Lists.
  • Over 270,000 baby items.
  • Free 2 day shipping for Prime members.
  • Amazon has a completion discount.  This is super awesome!!  The Amazon completion discount is a one-time discount on select remaining items (shipped and sold by seller from your registry and is available to redeem 60 days before your child’s arrival date. The discount can be used once for an order of up to $5000.00 USD.  Please note, the completion discount can only be redeemed by the primary registrants.

Completion Discount Info:  

 You will receive a 10% discount, or up to 15% if you are an Amazon Prime member, compliments of Amazon Family. To be eligible for a 15% completion discount, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. (Life will be easier if you become a Prime member) If you are an Amazon Student or you are receiving the Prime Shipping benefit from another customer, you will need to upgrade your Prime membership to become eligible for the 15% completion discount.

How does my Completion Discount work?

You will be eligible to redeem the discount 60 days prior to your child’s arrival date (this is the arrival date you have indicated on your registry). *Please note there is a minimum 14 day wait period after you create a registry to be eligible, regardless of the arrival date you have indicated.

Once you are eligible, a message will appear at the top of your registry directing you to your completion discount view to be applied at checkout. When you are in the discount view, any of the products that appear there are eligible for the discount and must be added to your checkout cart from this page.

Keep in mind, your discount can only be used once.  Meaning, all the products you intend to buy with your completion discount have to be purchased at the same time.

  • You can share your list! Click on the “Share with Friends” tab located at the top of your baby registry.  An e-mail form that contains a direct link to your baby registry can be filled out to send to one person or an entire group of people.

I truly feel these are the best places to register for baby.  I hope this makes for picking where to register for your baby much easier! Now go enjoy some of those perks!

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10 responses to “Best Places to Register For Baby

  1. tami298

    Great post! I love Target, but I did my wedding registry with them and there were issues because a lot of the things I wanted that were online-only would run out of stock and things kept disappearing off of my list and it caused problems for people trying to buy the stuff. I did like the discount for the stuff left on my registry though, haha! But I feel like Amazon would be more reliable for registries. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • It does take a lot out of you! I went with my sister and it took 2 days. Although, once you are set up you can add items from the convenience of your home online. My husband and I have a lot of family from out of state. Having 2 options was helpful for those that didn’t have Babies “R” Us near them. Which eventually I didn’t even have one near me. (It closed before I delivered).

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