Ice Sensory Toddler Activity

my silly monkey ice sensory toddler activity

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Ice Sensory Toddler Activity!

Need something new to keep your toddler busy? Try using this ice sensory toddler activity using ice and Tupperware.

I have a very busy nonstop energized toddler.  Everywhere she goes there is a trail of toys, or she is stuck to me like Velcro wanting to help me.  Coming up with new games or activities for her to play with and actually sitting still or contained is priceless!!

Usually, I find something that is sensory for her and lately playdough is not interesting anymore.  I work full-time during the week. So the weekends I have tons of house chores that I need to catch up on.  Being able to put her in her high chair and having her happily occupied gives me a chance to finish house chores, be able to use the computer, make a meal…you get the idea.

my silly monkey ice sensory toddler activity silly monkey ice sensory toddler activity

Ice Sensory Items Needed:

Grab some different size Tupperware or plastic containers, I use three. Next, provide some different colored (if you have colored) measuring cups, and something like a ladle (I have her use a yellow ice-cream scoop) these are to move the ice. You can use small strainers or slotted spoons; really whatever you have accessible in the kitchen.  Put a dish towel down on the high chair tray. Arrange your display and “tools” over the towel.  Put a little water in the larger Tupperware container and add ice to the other two containers. Now have your toddler dump or ladle out the ice into each one.

That’s it! Sofia loves this. It helps her understand what cold means and experience different textures. She loves anything with water, and she also is practicing her fine motor skills.  Gripping the scoop or measuring cup, pouring back and forth or trying to scoop are all very good activities for her motor skills.

my silly monkey ice sensory toddler activity

Easy, Safe, and Free!! Clean up is fast and you don’t have to worry about her trying eat the toy. If she eats the ice…okay. It’s not the same as her making a play dough ice cream cone and wanting to “lick” the cone. (Yes, this happens).  Same for coloring. Yes, I do buy washable crayons.  However, every time she colors; something other than the paper has crayon on it and I am washing crayon either off a surface, her, or clothing.  So don’t worry about a big clean up mess or your toddler trying to eat the toy.  Try out this ice senosry toddler activity and let me know how it goes!

What are your favorite sensory toddler busy activities? Another great sensory toddler activity is my rainbow rice toddler activity.

Thanks for reading!

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