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mom hacks for babies and toddlers

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Mom Hacks!

You know those quick useful tips that we wished we thought of sooner? Those little things that make life easier or less complicated? Those are called mom hacks! Yes, please!! In particular these are mom hacks for babies or toddlers.  Hopefully, you or someone you know can use some of these parenting tips.  Below are my top 6 mom hacks.

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  1. The Boppy: The Boppy is not just a nursing aid. Use for the Boppy as a knee rest.  Place it on the floor during bath time, to use when leaning over into the bathtub while giving your baby a bath. In addition to the knee rest mom hack, the Boppy is very helpful for different stages of gross motor development.  Another way to use the Boppy, is for propping, tummy time and learning to sit(kind of a pre-Bumbo) stage. mom hack
  2. Baby gas: If you tried burping, baby massage, bicycle moves, gas relief drops and your baby still has gas and won’t stop crying, use this mom hack. Try putting a swaddling blanket in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. You don’t want it to be hot, just warm. Lay the warm blanket on your baby’s stomach over their bodysuit.  Don’t put the blanket directly on their skin. The warmed blanket will act as a heating pad and help alleviate cramps and soothe them.
  3. Owies: When your baby becomes a toddler and they start walking/running around lots of owies and injuries occur.  Especially if you have an active or curious toddler. Put a damp sponge in a Ziploc bag and keep it in the freezer.  So, when they get hurt and need an ice pack, you will have one ready to go.  mom hacks frozen sponge for owies
  4. Avoid buttons or snaps in infant sleepwear.  Get a sleep gown or sleepwear that has zippers!  Why? The reason for a gown or something with zippers is because babies need to be changed often.  Therefore, in the middle of the night when you are running on 3 hours sleep with your eyes barely open, do you want to struggle with 10 different snaps?? The less you struggle with getting your baby in and out of their clothes, to change a diaper is a win! My Silly Monkey has baby gowns that you can personalize. Check out the boutique here
  5. Reuse medicine syringes! Anytime you get a syringe for antibiotics or for children’s Motrin, save the syringe. When your child has a fever or is sick and they refuse to eat or drink; use a syringe and fill it with Pedialyte.  I do this when she needs fluids and refuses to drink or will only take a sip.  Because a few teaspoons is a lot better than nothing. It’s much faster and easier than arguing with a toddler.  In addition to Pedialyte, if you are able to store some breast milk in a syringe you can freeze it and use if anyone gets pinkeye. Breast milk is considered a natural remedy for pink eye.
  6. Doggy poop bags. Yes, you read that right. Most likely, someone you know has a dog (if you don’t). Get some of these doggy bags and have them in your diaper bag or mom purse. These bags are scented, small and are meant for disposing of waste.  It’s one thing to carry around some clothes or bibs with spit up or even a dirty diaper…it is quite another if you happen to be out and a blow out disaster strikes. Therefore, when your child has a “blow out” or vomits you will be prepared. Whether you just need to throw out their clothes, diaper, shoes, or maybe also something you are wearing, use one or two of these doggy poop bags.  Not to worry if you haven’t experienced a “blow out” or messy vomit situation yet, just wait. It will happen. LOL.

There you go! Hopefully, you will find a few of these mom hacks useful!

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