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Here is another great find for busy moms! So my mother-in-law (Geri) recently discovered one of the coolest phone apps called Touchnote. Why is it so cool?? Well this $2.99 app lets you send glossy  110 lb postcards, greeting cards, and even images for canvas right from your phone.  You can also use it on your desktop, which is handy if you are using an image that is not on your phone.  First you choose your layout. Full-bleed, white border, square or 1-6 multi images.  Then you choose your photo. Images can be cropped, zoomed and rotated within the app.  You can add a caption on the front of the card of up to 33 characters, as well as your regular message on the back.  This is all done with the ease of using your phone or desktop.

Check out what Geri did with hers.  She has sent Sofia 3 postcards so far.  On all the fronts of the cards she used the caption option and put the year or place. Then each of the cards had a little message from “Grandma GG” to my daughter Sofia.

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These pictures are glossy so there is a glare when i take a picture of them. Here is what you can do with the backs of the postcards.


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Sofia is two and a half, so I am keeping these for her to have as a keepsake. Busy moms this is app is for you! I can’t wait to try this out next time we are on vacation. I seriously can’t even remember the last time I bought a postcard (and mailed it) while actually on vacation.  Being able to create a postcard and mail it right from my phone is going to be so convenient, and our parents will get a kick out it.  I am not like one of those mom’s who gets those beautiful family picture Christmas cards done and out the door on time either.  Props to those moms! This year I am just so happy that I have most of my shopping done, and it’s only the 7th of December! Woohoo! Since I am feeling so productive, I am going to check out Touchnote’s greeting card feature and see if I can actually send some Christmas cards out!

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