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Potty Training Tips!

Here are my 6 tips for potty training. My daughter started potty training at a young age of 15 months. She would dirty her diaper and then she kept bringing me new diapers for me to change her.  I thought it was a coincidence at first, but after the 4th time, I decided to introduce her to the potty.  She was already fascinated when watching me use the toilet (I still barely get to pee alone).  She also liked to help me flush the toilet. So I decided to attempt potty training with her. These are the tips that I used, that worked for me. Keep in mind every child and parent’s routine is different.

How To Start Potty Training:

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•Introduction to the Potty:

Go ahead and show your toddler their training potty seat.  I recommend using the travel potty. This was so the way to go for me!!  It goes right on a regular toilet and it has a portable cover/case that you can pack in your diaper bag.  This is very easy to clean (no messy liners) and you can easily bring it with you anywhere. It is super important to have consistency when potty training.  So when you are out at a restaurant, grocery shopping…wherever you can have this on hand to continue their training.  She pretty quickly identified that this was HER potty and would want to help put it over the toilet.  Show your toddler how to flush after using the potty and how to use wipe using toilet paper (and not clog the toilet).  This part takes a lot longer. My daughter is 3 and I still have to help with wiping.

Portable potty seat, potty training tips for girls,

•Potty Gear:

Once I thought she was ready to start potty training I bought theses pull up diapers.  The graphics fade when wet and this helps her get used to pulling on and off making the next transition of wearing training pants easier.  She used these training pull up diapers for about 5 months.  She was still having wet diapers during nap time and maybe once during the day until she was 2.

Pull-Ups Learning Designs Training Pants for Girls, Here are my 6 tips for potty training. potty training routine, potty training gear, how to potty train

Shortly after she was 2, her teacher and I felt it was the right time to switch from diapers to training pants.  So at that point, I got her some of these by Gerber.

Gerber Baby and Toddler Girls 100% Cotton Training Pants, potty training tips

I first tried using these training pants over a weekend, so when she went back to daycare it wouldn’t be brand new.  She did have a couple accidents, but unlike diapers, they feel the wetness to a much greater degree.  This is normal. The training pants help toddlers learn quickly they have to be on the potty, to avoid being wet.   She actually once started running for the potty mid pee. When she went back to daycare she did have some accidents but it was sporadic.  I had her in training pants for about a month.  After about 2 weeks of no accidents, I did the next potty attire transition into regular underwear.  Keep in mind throughout the potty training, I put her in nighttime diapers at bedtime.

My daughter is now 3 and we still use night time diapers (she still has occasional night time accidents). Most every morning her diaper is dry.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, I hear her on the monitor saying she needs to go potty.  I much rather have to get up and take her than her just wet herself. I probably won’t stop using the night time diapers until it has been a few months of straight dry diapers.

Stool to aid in sitting on and getting off the toilet.  Unless you have a very tall toddler you will need a stool. I already was using one to help wash her hands and brush her teeth.

Step stool, essentials for toddlers

•Potty Preparation:

Having a diaper bag ready to go is key for moms.  We already have snacks, diapers, wipes, etc.  Now just transition your bag to accommodate the potty training. I would have her portable potty, extra training pants/or underwear and a diaper in her diaper bag (just in case of an accident). Accidents happen. Especially in early stages. This is totally normal and part of the process of learning. Remember diapers are made to keep them dry and so they don’t feel wet. During the training process, they learn by seeing and feeling that they didn’t go on the potty, but basically on themselves. Now instead of just changing a diaper, they have to change their clothes and possibly their socks/shoes. When this happens it is important to not get angry or be negative towards your child or regression may happen. Instead, put them on the potty and see if they need to continue going. Don’t get discouraged.


Positive encouragements and reinforcements go a long way. In the beginning, I made a big show about it. I literally would clap or high five her and enthusiastically say things like “Good Potty!” Then I would give her a sticker of her choice. Sheets of stickers are also easy to have on hand in your diaper bag.  If she went on the potty and nothing happened, I would still make encouraging statements like “good try” or hugs.  Most daycares use stickers for their potty tracking, so it’s nice to be able to use the same style of rewards. Some people use Cheerios or Skittles, but I do not like to use food as a reward.

•Potty sign:

If your toddler is on the younger side and still learning to form sentences or currently using baby sign language you can incorporate this sign into your potty training.  This was super helpful while she was at her day care. Her teachers all knew the sign and would be able to keep up her training even if she was on the playground.  You can read more about baby sign language here!

baby sign language, potty sign, potty training tips









•Potty Training Routine:

As with most things for toddlers having a routine (bath time, bed time etc.) makes a world of difference.  If your child is in daycare they have set times they take the children to the potty so keeping up with that schedule during the day isn’t too hard.  I have my daughter go first thing in the morning and about every hour and a half to two hours also before we leave the house, after meals, and before bedtime.  As with most routines, it becomes a habit and is expected.  Sometimes my daughter will say she doesn’t have to go and she whines about going.  I just say okay you don’t have to go, just let’s sit and see. She also now knows she can not watch TV without going to the bathroom first.  She makes a point of telling me she is going, so she can watch her show.

One last tip: do not compare your child’s potty-training with other children. Remember to be patient with your toddler and not make them feel bad or anxious about it. It will happen on their own time.

Thanks for reading! Hope you find my tips helpful. Please share with other moms!

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    Fab tips these are difficult times sometimes Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week

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    This is really helpful since we are starting potty training soon. I love the idea of using the sign language sign while training!

  3. Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

    Thank you so much for these tips! They will definitely come in handy soon. I’m seeing first signs of my daughter being ready to start potty training. Yay!

  4. I’d also recommend ‘piddle pads’ which you slot over your car seat for lil’ accidents! Great as you can just whip them off to wash them without having the faff of changing the whole car seat cover. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG

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