Sensory Bottles With Sequins

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Sensory Bottles With Sequins

Making sensory bottles or calm down bottles for my daughter has been fun and a great parenting tool. Sensory bottles act as a “calm-down” aid by helping them re-focus their attention on the objects, colors, and movement in the bottle. It has been helpful during time-out periods when she needs to calm down, help her settle down for story time, and help with the transition of night time. She likes to use certain ones at certain times. So, I thought I would add another to her sensory bottle collection.  Depending what you put objects you put in your bottle and what you mix with the water, determines the speed and mobility of the object.  For example, I found using glitter glue and a little soap slows the fall of the sequins compared to just water and soap.

For those who haven’t read my post on how to make sensory bottles the process making sensory bottles with sequins is still very simple.

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Supplies to make sensory bottles with sequins:

How to make sensory bottles with sequins:

  • Remove the label on the bottle (if you have to use goo gone-usually it just peels off).
  • Empty about a half of the water.
  • Squeeze about 2-3 ounces of the glitter glue into the water. I used a Vos bottle which is a little smaller than the Core bottles I typically use. So If you use a Core bottle water, use the entire 4 ounces of glitter glue.
  • Add your sequins. I did about 3 handfuls. Before you add your soap the sequins will just sit on top of the water.
  • Add clear or colored dishwashing soap to the bottle.   I just squeeze a little at a time and see if I like it.  For the sequin bottle, I used less soap than my glitter calm-down bottle. Only about 1 tablespoon to start.
  • Don’t glue the lid shut right away. Play around with it. You may find you want to change things around. Add more water, more sequins or glitter glue.

For some reason even though I used green glitter glue and clear soap, the water turned pink.  Naturally, Sofia didn’t mind, as that is her favorite color.  I think it is from the red and pink sequins bleeding into the water.  Would be interesting to experiment with trying to use dye and try to color it a specific color.









That is all you need to do! I hope you add this sensory activity into your toddler’s activities rotation, it is a great one to try!  Or another very easy DIY sensory activity is my rainbow rice sensory box.

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