Tips For Baby Gas Relief

5 Baby Gas Relief Tips! Baby Gas Massage: The "I love you"

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Babies cry. A lot. The three main reasons they cry are: they are hungry, they need to be changed, or they have gas. Ugh, infant gas! An infant’s stomach is still growing and developing daily.  So, between the age of one to four months old, baby gas is prevalent.  There are some helpful tips to try to prevent and minimize gas, but there is no way to avoid it completely.  Which makes for a very unpleasant experience for both parent and baby.  Especially for a first time mom who is learning her baby’s cry and trying to figure out what remedy will work.  My 5 tips for baby gas relief will help aid your baby in their discomfort and help them pass gas.

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5 Tips for Baby Gas Relief:

  1. Burping:

    Sometimes all that needs to happen is some quick burping.  If you are breastfeeding try burping when you switch your breast as well as after. Also, have your baby in an upright position for 10 minutes after feeding.  For bottle feeding make sure you are using the right flow speed and use an anti-gas bottle.

  2. Exercises:

    Here are some simple exercises that help pass gas. I tried all of these with good results.  Sometimes these exercises worked so well, that basically, a poop explosion would happen. True story. Right after I did the bicycle exercise, she just kept going poop. Literally, all over the changing table.  After that messy experience, I started to do these gas exercises on the changing table with swaddling blankets underneath her bottom and a new diaper at the ready.

a. The Baby Bicycle-

Lay your baby on their back. Gently push your baby’s knees up to the chest and rotate little legs like they are riding a bicycle.

b. Tummy Time- 

Sometimes just laying baby on their stomach for some tummy time can help pass gas, or try doing tummy time over the boppy.

c. The Diaper Change

Lay your baby on their back and lift both of their legs towards their stomach, like you are going to change their diaper.

3. Baby Gas Massage:

The “I love you”.  This is done using your fingers to gently massage strokes on their stomach.  You do this in a 3 step sequence.  The “I” is done with a gentle stroke down on the left side from the rib down past the belly button and the “L” for love which is a stroke from left to right and then back down towards the belly button and finally the “you”. This massage stroke is basically an upside down u moving in a clockwise motion of left to right.

Baby Gas Massage: The "I love you". 5 Tips for baby gas remedies and relief.


4. Little Remedies Gripe Water

This stuff really works. I list in my post on what to have in your Baby Medical Kit.  I even would have this in my baby bag just in case.

My Silly Monkey Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist, essential baby medicine kit


5. Heat:

Heat relaxes muscles. If nothing else is working, try putting a swaddling blanket in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. You don’t want it to be hot, just warm. Lay the warm blanket on your baby’s stomach over their bodysuit.  Don’t put the blanket directly on their stomach. This will act as a heating pad and help alleviate cramps and soothe them.

Thanks for reading my 5 Baby Gas Relief Tips!  I hope you find these remedies helpful!  What are your baby gas relief tips?

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  1. Baby #2 is on his way in about a month and we didn’t have to deal with gas with my first. Definitely bookmarking these ideas in case we need them for our second!

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