Tips For Moving With A Toddler

some moving tips that helped me when we moved with our toddler. tips for moving with a toddler

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Moving, selling your home, and or buying a home all are usually pretty stressful events. Happy but stressful. Moving with a toddler…well that was a whole new fun ball of frustration and stress that I just recently experienced.  So please read on and get some moving tips that helped me when we moved with our toddler.

Tips For Moving With A Toddler:

  • Talk to your child about the move.

If the move is a local move, I suggest driving by the “new house” and show them around (if possible).  Since most toddlers do not have a huge concept of time or when things are happening so keep it basic.  Because saying we are moving to the new house “next month” or in “a few weeks” really may only lead to an array of constant questions of is it moving day yet??

  • Give them their own box and bubble wrap.

My daughter was a little confused by the concept of our belongings getting wrapped and going in a box.  She thought it was Christmas and my wrapped belongings were “presents” for her to unwrap.  As a mom who also works full-time, I was packing at night or on the weekend.  Trying to pack when my daughter was present was not very successful. So I tried packing mostly at night after she was in bed.  If that was unavoidable I gave her a box for her to pack her belongings in. This made her feel apart of all the packing that we were doing and kept her occupied. Also, a little bubble wrap goes a long way. Sofia loves to try to pop the bubbles.

some moving tips that helped me when we moved with our toddler. tips for moving with a toddler

some moving tips that helped me when we moved with our toddler. tips for moving with a toddler. preparing to move with a toddler


  • Pack a small bag with basic clothing necessities and snacks for moving day.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to pack (more than you think).

Here is something I would do differently if I ever move again (I NEVER want to move again LOL) I wish I would have taken a day off before the move to just pack. I took time off the after the move to do all the unpacking, organizing, cleaning, etc.  In hindsight, I really needed at least one day off to do solid 6-8 hours of packing without any interruptions. This would have been so much better than trying to do a little each night after work and finishing at 1:00 a.m. the night before moving day. Yeah, that happened. In part because I just did not realize how much crap we have and also because I was packing with a toddler (duh).

  • Hire movers.

If your budget allows, hire movers! Seriously even if it is only for the heavy lifting. We used movers for the first time and it was so worth it!  To make the movers be efficient (less time they spend the less they cost) breakdown all beds before they come and make it easy for them to access the boxes.  If you have a garage, put as many boxes in the garage as you can. When they have the truck backed up it makes it faster and easier to grab boxes from one location then scattered throughout the house.

  • Get a babysitter for moving day.

This only applies for local moves unless you can swing something differently. We were moving on a Saturday morning. My mom was able to pick up Sofia from daycare on Friday. She spent the night that Friday and I picked her up Saturday after the movers were done. Having someone watch your child not only the day of, but the night before you move is a huge help!  HUGE! You can finish everything you need to and be ready to go in the morning when the movers come. Have their crib or bed broken down and ready to go. Anything that you couldn’t pack or put away without a meltdown happening; now can be done the night before.  In the morning you can just worry about yourself, your stuff, and the movers.

  • Set up their room first.

I had my daughter’s bed and furniture all set up before she came to the new house. This is where movers are super handy! I then just unpacked the main necessities, toiletries, bathroom stuff. Had it all ready for her arrival for later that day.

  • Say goodbye to the old house.

To help out with the transition, we went back to the old house and did a walk-through. Said goodbye to her bedroom and to the house. I think this a big help in her understanding the move. Later that night she wanted to “go home”.  So reminding her that we said goodbye to the old house and this is our new house seemed to work.  She never asked about the old house again. For the first week whenever we said we were going home; she asked if we were going to the new house. She seems to understand that we will never be going back to the old house.

So those are my tips for moving with a toddler!  Hope you found these moving tips helpful! What are some of your moving tips with a toddler or child? Don’t forget you can have Free access to my Parent Resource Library.  Become a subscriber!

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15 responses to “Tips For Moving With A Toddler

  1. taylermorrell

    We moved out of state with my 2 year old last year. It was a big deal–but, we definitely talked it up and my husband actually drove the truck out and we flew out…so when we got there, all the boxes were everywhere, but his room was already set up.

  2. Such great tips! I can imagine packing with a toddler is not fun! Mine would be all over unpacking the boxes and then getting in them 😉

  3. Kristie of ceoMom

    These are great tips! We just moved and the only thing we didn’t do is set up the kids’ rooms first! That would have been ideal for sure!

  4. Lauren

    These are all GREAT ideas! I think the most important is hiring movers lol. Moving alone is a challenge, but moving with a kid or two is extremely challenging and trying. Utilizing help on any fronts (packing, unpacking, moving) is key!

  5. Rochelle Valle

    Moving can be stressful, period. With a toddler it is even more, so these are some great tips!

  6. Justine @ Little Dove

    These are such great tips! The two times we had big moves (like, halfway across the country) I had a newborn with me. The first time from California to Texas we had a seven week old, and the second time from Texas back to California we had a two year old and a 2 month old. I love your tip of hiring babysitters for moving day!

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