Toddler Beach Essentials

Toddler beach bag essentials My Silly Monkey

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Toddler Beach Essentials!

Going to the beach with a baby or toddler in tow? Prepare to pack! Gone are the days of just needing sunblock and a towel. Aside from the obvious: swim diapers, sunblock, towels, umbrella, toys, and a cooler of water/snacks you will need some beach essentials!  Yes, toddler beach essentials! Hopefully, this list of tips makes your trip to the beach a little easier and less of a struggle!

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Lil Wet Suit Zip Bag-Toddler Beach Bag Essentials wet suit-Toddler Beach Bag Essentials


Toddler Beach Essentials!

  1. Zip swim bag. Hands down this little bag is my #1.  I love this little zip bag by Miamica.   It comes in a boys or girls style and is the perfect bag for storage for your wet stuff.  The wet bathing suit, wet diaper, wet hat can all go in here. Plus it has separate zip compartment for lotions, sunglasses, chap stick, and mom can even put her cell phone in here.   This swim bag is super easy, convenient, washable (green friendly), and way cuter than a plastic Ziploc! A total “must have” for your toddler’s beach bag!
  2. Baby powder – Little mom trick- rub baby powder on sandy feet, legs, arms…wherever and sand will easily come off. Great for when you are trying to avoid a ton of sand in your car and you don’t want to go to the wash off stand.


  1. Waterproof hat–   Waterproof beach hat, toddler beach bag essentials I have a couple hats in different colors to go with her suits.  They are reversible, have a chin strap and SPF 50 plus. Provides protection from the sun for her head, neck, and eyes.


4.  Sippy Cup- Toddler beach bag essentials My Silly Monkey  I use My Silly Monkey personalized sippy cup. It holds 12 ounces, is made from food-grade stainless steel,  toxin-free, and leak proof sip top. One of these sippy cup’s better features is that it also has a cap.  Having the cap helps to keep the sip-top clean, and sand free.

5.  Water shoes. i play. Baby Unisex Swim Shoes,Toddler Beach Essentials I like iplay. Baby Unisex Swim Shoes.  IPlay swim shoes come in all colors, 82% neoprene, it pulls on, no-slip soles, and water friendly.  This water shoe will protect their feet from the hot sand, possible cuts from sea shells, and they can also wear them in water parks or splash pads.  Water shoes are very helpful if you are standing at low tide looking for seashells, shark teeth, or even if the beach sand is all shell. Perfect for water days at daycare!

Swim Tot Trainer,Toddler Beach Essentials
Swim School Aqua Tot Trainer

6. Swim School Aqua Tot Trainer.  My daughter when she was younger, used an infant swim float/raft.  She really loved the swim raft, but that recently became sooo last year!  Now, she refuses to be in the raft for more than 5 minutes, so I bought this Tot Trainer.  This seems to give her a sense of freedom to move around and try to swim.  The Tot Trainer provides a full 360 degrees of flotation while building water confidence, and I can hold onto her without her feeling constrained.  Win/Win!

That’s my toddler beach bag essential list!

Let me know what you think, or what your toddler beach essentials are!
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  1. I love the little pouch! I need that in my life! I also have a little bucket filled with smaller containers for water pouring/sand pouring. Fun for the bathtub, too!

  2. I need to get some of those water shoes for my little dude! Also, didn’t know baby powder helped remove sand, I’m definitely going to try that!

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