Top 5 Toddler “Must Haves”

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Top 5 Toddler Must Haves!!

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Here are my  top 5  toddler must have products that I feel parents need (or would at least benefit from), aside from the obvious: diapers, wipes, toddler toothbrush, snack cups, etc.

These are the top 5 items that make my family’s life easier! I hope it makes a difference in yours.

My Little Seat

My LIttle Seat-Top 5 Toddler "Must Haves"
Top 5 Toddler “Must Haves”
 my little seat, My Silly Monkey Toddler must haves

Portable cloth seat or a travel high chair.  I use My Little Seat.  You can see a picture of it folded up in in my blog post- “What’s in your diaper bag?”  This trendy designed fabric portable seat is great for a number of reasons.  I can bring this to a friend’s house instead of the hassle of bringing a big bulky booster seat, or to a restaurant as a backup in case they don’t have provisions.   Portable convenience aside, this seat makes a great transition from high chair to chair.  I was using a booster seat as a transition, but my daughter is quite clever and figured out how to unbuckle the safety strap.

This seat has safety buckles too, but then it also ties around the back of the chair.  So, even when Sofia (my daughter) is trying to be an escape artist, she cannot get out of the seat, because she is still strapped in.  The other bonus is it is machine washable.

Portable potty seat

Portable potty seat=Top 5 Toddler "Must Haves"
Top 5 Toddler “Must Haves”


Portable potty seatI use 2 in1 Potette Plus Travel Potty.  This potty seat comes with a travel bag that I could put inside my diaper bag and bring when going out (I don’t do this anymore as she has transitioned into just sitting on the toilet).  Also, this potty comes with liners, but we never used them.  You can literally just put this seat on the toilet, and potty train right on the toilet. Less messy and clean up is just much easier doing it this way!  I use the potty seat occasionally at home, as she still wants to use it from time to time.

Faucet Extender

Faucet extender-Top 5 Toddler "Must Haves"
Top 5 Toddler “Must Haves”

Faucet extender.  I use Prince Lionheart  This is such a simple gadget, to make washing hands easy and struggle-free.  Slip it on over the faucet and their struggle to reach the water is over.  Before getting this extender, I was either trying to balance holding her up to the sink on my knee, or smushing her up against the sink while trying to wash her hands.  So, I was being either doused in water, or my daughter would get pretty frustrated and not want to wash her hands.  Now, she wants to do it all by herself.

Wrist Buddy

Wrist Buddy-Top 5 Toddler "Must Haves"

Leash– I use Dream Buddy Wrist Buddy. I know you may have just rolled your eyes…but it truly is a must have for me.  I also mentioned this wrist buddy in my blog post “What’s in your diaper bag?”.  I use this because my 2-year-old does not always want to be held or sit in a shopping cart and will run off at any opportunity.  She will, however, wear this wrist buddy.  This gives me the piece of mind that she can’t get far. Also the sanity I need to finish whatever errand I am on since she feels like she has the independence of walking on her own.  I would also use this at a theme park or airport.

Step Stool

Step stool-Top 5 Toddler "Must Haves"
Top 5 Toddler “Must Haves”

Step Stool. I use Graco Step Stool.  Self-explanatory.  Graco comes in a variety of colors, they are sturdy and safe.  Sofia uses hers to reach the bathroom sink, brush her teeth, and to reach the toilet (must have alone for potty training). I even bring this step stool with us when we travel!

That’s it! These are my top 5 toddler “Must Haves” products.
How did I do, or compare to your top 5 “Must Haves” products? Please comment and share!

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