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Travel toddler bed! Here is another purchase that has turned into a very handy toddler travel must have!

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I recently purchased the Intext toddler travel bed andtravel toddler bed, my silly monkey, can only rave about it.  It is affordable, easy to assemble, and easy to store.  The bed comes with a hand pump and a storage bag.   This design has two pieces, which is nice if you were really limited on space; you don’t have to use the edging.  You can just use the insert.  To assemble, I pumped both pieces myself and it took about 15 minutes.  The insert also fits standard size crib sheets.

My daughter does not have the best track record with a good nights sleep. Basically, she has sleep disturbances. She went through months of having night terrors, she talks in her sleep, she sometimes sleep walks, and occasionally falls out of her toddler bed.  Recently we took a family trip up to visit my husband’s mother in Savannah, GA. I wanted to make sure Sofia would be comfortable and have a safe night sleep.  The guest beds are all set up high, and I was concerned that she could very easily roll off in the middle of the night, or try to climb down in her sleep.

A little researching and I found this Intext toddler bed.  What I love most about it, is the two part design. The raised edge is designed to help prevent toddlers from falling out of the bed.  This was exactly what I was looking for!!   The other bonus is that she genuinely loves it. She sleeps great in it. Personally, I think it’s because of the raised edge.  Now, Sofia can toss and turn as much as she wants and not roll out.   Check her out below, all smiles!

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For all of you holiday travelers with toddlers, or if you are expecting guests with little ones this is a great buy.  Hope you find this mommy tip helpful!

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4 responses to “Travel Toddler Bed

  1. Haha this is great! It looks like a little pool! While we don’t go on to many holidays with the kids, actually not many holidays at all, because really who wants to take 4 toddlers on a holiday?? This would be a great thing to have even if it would be something that you used a grandma’s house! They would have their own bed there, but yet it wouldn’t be in the way since you could store it so easily!

  2. momsvilleusa2014

    I wish I had this when my son outgrew his pack n play. Would have saved my husband and I many sleepless nights when traveling and he was in our bed.

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