Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

Here is my baby registry checklist list. I broke down the baby registry list into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing)

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Baby Registry Checklist!

If you are a first-time mom you may be feeling how I was when I created my baby registry checklist list… beyond overwhelmed.  I went from excited to deer in headlights in no time flat. Wandering the isles of Target and Baby’s R Us feeling like I was going to fail as a parent. I had no clue as to what was necessary other than diapers.

My sister basically saved me and imparted all her momma wisdom on what to get and what was a waste.  Parenting tip on an example of a waste- a baby wipes warmer.  Why is that? Well, when you are not at home and need to change baby’s diaper; your baby will not have the warmed wipe you have accustomed them to and more than likely not react so well. If they only experience regular wipes, it will never be an issue.

So here is the baby registry checklist.  Naturally, you will have the obvious: crib, changing table, diapers, diaper genie, wipes, bibs, high chair(get one that reclines) etc.   Therefore, in no particular order, I broke it down into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing).

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Baby Gear:

Bouncer or Swing– Now there are a few different kinds of “bouncers or swings”  Having a bouncer was a life saver for me.  I used Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels BouncerMy Silly Monkey, Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist, Bouncer http://www.mysillymonkey.com/ultimate-baby-registry-checklist/ I am also a working mom so, I needed to be able to stick to a schedule and be on time for work.  This allowed me to put Sofia in here, and take a shower or do a morning pump.  A small amount of victory for hands-free freedom!  It vibrates to sooth, has a removable toy arm, and I could carry her from room to room and not strain my back.

We also had a very high-end swing called a MamaRoo by 4Moms its blue tooth enabled, you can also hook up to your iPhone, and has a variety of swing settings.  So, I was super excited to have this because the features are very cool and it looks like a space pod!mama roo, Here is my baby registry checklist list. I broke down the baby registry list into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing)  However, Sofia wasn’t a huge fan…she liked it…sometimes.  The other down side is its size, it is not particularly light, and like Sofia, your baby may not be enthused.  Luckily this was one of the hand me downs I received from my sister.

Stroller, Car Seat & Bassinet:
This depends on what carrying system and car seat you have or want. I went with something not traditional. With all the car seat options and rules that constantly change.  I did not want to have to buy another car seat in 6 months (due to forward facing rules) or could foresee having the time to shop for something new. Keep it simple! I wanted a car seat that would last a couple of years, and that had rear-facing and forward facing capabilities and would grow with her. That being said, I did not have the car seat that detached and you carried like most moms. I went with Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat, Glacier Here is my baby registry checklist list. I broke down the baby registry list into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing)


Instead, when it was time to go somewhere, I took my stroller out and just removed my baby.

(Mamas & Papas Urbo 2Stroller With CarryCot)Here is my baby registry checklist list. I broke down the baby registry list into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing)

I used the Carry Cot for the first 3-4 months and it doubled as her Bassinet. I could wheel her around, put her right next to my bed, and she could nap easily if we were out; as she was already flat on her back. When she outgrew the Carry Cot, I just popped the regular seat back in the stroller. I would still just take only Sofia in and out of the car seat. For me, this was also a better option, because it was less strain on my back and less in my hands. I just had to worry about either carrying my baby into the house or putting her in the stroller.

Bumbo  bumbo, Here is my baby registry checklist list. I broke down the baby registry list into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing)  The Bumbo Floor Seat should only be used when your baby can support his or her head. Do not put your baby in this on a table, or elevated surface unattended. What does the Bumbo do?? Well, the Bumbo helps strengthen their neck muscles and gives them a new perspective of their world. Try putting them in the Bumbo and then place them in front of a floor toy or mirror. I had the tray attachment and put toys on that as well. Sofia loved hers and would still sit in this today if I let her. She loved to “read” her books while being in her Bumbo.

Diaper bag- I recommend a diaper backpack that has insulated sections to put a bottle in, and a changing pad. The more pockets the easier it is to stay organized. Having a backpack makes it easier to carry baby and bag. Also, your spouse/partner will more likely want to carry a backpack instead of a bag.  Check out my post about Diaper Bag Essentials and Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials.

Nursing Gear:

Bottles, Nipples, and Liners– Total must have…just depends on your preference.  There are numerous choices, and some people recommend getting 2 different brands/styles. Why? Because, you may really want to go with Dr. Browns natural flow, but your baby may not like the nipple for that bottle. For me, I want to do as less washing/ dish-washing as possible.  I took a gamble and went with  Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop In Liners   You put the milk in and when your baby is done feeding you just the throwaway liner.  All you need to spend time cleaning is really the nipples. The bottles themselves you wash as needed.  You can read more about breastfeeding essentials here!

You will need 4 oz and 8 oz bottle sizes.  Playtex has interchangeable nipples (slow flow, medium, and fast flow).  As they grow, babies will need faster flow. Get a few of each.   Also, I breastfed Sofia and followed the rule of not giving a bottle or pacifier until week 4 to avoid nipple confusion.  I think this helped her not to have any issues with the system I wanted to use.  Check out my post on getting your own breast milk storage guidelines spreadsheet.

Breast Pump:- Your breast pump may be (should be) covered by your insurance.  Check with your insurance company! I used  Lansinoh® SignaturePro double electric pump.  It has three pumping styles and eight adjustable suction levels, has an LCD screen to keep track of the how long you have been pumping.  A closed-system design reduces the number of parts cleaned and prevents bacteria and mold growth.  It’s compact, and easy to carry.  I took this to work and pumped every day on my lunch at my office.  Another bonus is this pump also takes batteries, so if you forget to take the plug you can still pump.
Breastmilk Storage bags– If you pump or breastfeed your baby you will need these. breastmilk storage bags, My Silly Monkey, Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist http://www.mysillymonkey.com/ultimate-baby-registry-checklist/

Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags These are the strongest breast milk storage bags on the market, with reinforced, double sealed side seams for extra protection.  Each bag features the patented double Click ‘n’ SecureTM seal to prevent leaks.  Plus you can buy them in most grocery stores or online!

Boppy Pillow    breastfeeding essentials, Here is my baby registry checklist list. I broke down the baby registry list into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing) The Boppy Pillow supports your baby as they grow and develop.  It is a great nursing pillow that lifts the baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable breastfeeding, and bottle feeding; giving relief to your arms and back. In addition to breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, the Boppy Pillow is very helpful for different stages of developing for propping, tummy time and learning to sit(kind of a pre-Bumbo) stage.  Also, the slipcovers are removable for easy washing and it comes in many colors and patterns.

Parenting Tip: I still use the Boppy to rest my knees for leaning into the bathtub, when giving Sofia her bath.

Nursing CoverBreathable Cotton Breastfeeding Apron   I really can’t say if one is better than another?  But, if you are going to breastfeed you will want one.  I personally think they are all pretty much the same.

Health and Baby Room:

Video Monitor – it is essential to have a video monitor.  Technology keeps updating, so get a monitor that at least has night vision.  Screen size and pixels etc all vary in price and brand.   My daughter went through a period of night terrors and sleepwalking.  Just being able to see if she is just talking in her sleep, out of bed, or having a night terror is key for me.

Gripe water My Silly Monkey Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist http://www.mysillymonkey.com/ultimate-baby-registry-checklist/and infant Tylenol/Motrin.  Maybe you are saying to yourself really? This is on your essential list? Yes. Trust me when your baby is crying/screaming in the middle of the night, you don’t want to have to run to your nearest Walgreens to get this. You want this Gripe stuff on hand. Newborns get gas or can have colic Gripe Water will help!!

*Here is a tip on helping ease gas- take a swaddling blanket and put it in the microwave for about 20 -25 seconds. It should be warm, not hot, and lay it on your baby’s stomach (over their clothes). The blanket will act as a heating pad and help soothe the cramps/gas. The infant Tylenol/Motrin is handy if they are running a fever, or even down the road teething pain.

Sound Machine– I use The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine      My Silly Monkey Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist http://www.mysillymonkey.com/ultimate-baby-registry-checklist/

Having a sound machine is a very helpful sleep aid. Not only to help in getting them to sleep but having them stay asleep.  Also, it’s pretty convenient to throw it in an overnight bag if you are traveling, or get lucky and have your baby’s grandparents babysit for a night.

Fridababy NoseFrida  My Silly Monkey Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist http://www.mysillymonkey.com/ultimate-baby-registry-checklist/

I know it looks funky, but this is a game changer.  True story! Instead of those bulb plastic things, this actually works amazingly well.  In no time your baby will be able to breathe through their nose again.  So the faster that happens, faster they feel better and less likely to have post nasal drip.


Can’t hurt to have some washcloths, baby soap, or bath toys.  The big necessity is the bathing tub. Again, I like products that transition through growth stages, instead of buying 2 items.  This bathtub –The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler is one of those products.  infant bathtub, Here is my baby registry checklist list. I broke down the baby registry list into categories (Gear, Nursing, Health & Baby Room, Bath & Clothing)We fit this in our sink for the first few months (easier on your back) and then removed the sling and used it in the tub.

Baby Clothing:

You will get a lot of clothing as gifts.  I don’t see this as a necessity to register for them.  Some parents even return clothes to get store credit and use the credit towards big items they did not yet receive or still need to purchase.  If you do want to register for clothing, I would suggest sleep wear for newborns, and then from 3-6 months. Also, choose a sleep gown or sleep wear that has zippers, avoid snaps or buttons.

The reason for a gown or zippers is babies need to be changed often.  So, in the middle of the night when you are running on 3 hours sleep with your eyes barely open, do you want to struggle with 10 different snaps?? The less struggle of getting your baby in and out of their clothes, to change a diaper is a win! My Silly Monkey has baby gowns that you can personalize. Check out the boutique here

Personalize sleep gown http://www.cafepress.com/mysillymonkey.1799467685

That’s my Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist!  I hope this helps alleviate some anxiety on what to register for.  Now if you are wondering where to register and why read all about it in my post on Best Places to Register for Baby! 

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Thank you,

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  1. Our swing was a lifesaver! It was the only way my kiddo would nap for a while. We also really loved the Fisher Price Rock N Play. I tell all my friends not to register for clothes because people will buy them for you anyway!

  2. Angela Quisumbing

    I love your list. I had a Boppy, a Bumbo and Bugaboo, similar to the stroller you featured. Thanks for sharing.

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